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Important notices for patients will appear in this area.

Flu Clinics

As we are approaching the winter season, we have now scheduled our flu clinics. Saturday morning clinics are now available and appointments can be made either by telephoning the Practice or by My Health on Line (MHOL).

Patients in the following lists are advised to have a flu vaccination each year; it has been proven that this reduces the number of hospital admissions and deaths which can result from 'flu'.

  • Patients who have:
    • Chronic respiratory disease
    • Diabetes
    • Chronic heart disease
    • Chronic renal disease
    • Chronic liver disease
    • Chronic neurological disease
  • Patients who are 65 or over
  • Patients who are taking Immuno-suppressant medication
  • Main carer of older or disabled person
  • Patients living in Residential or Nursing Homes
  • Poultry workers
  • All pregnant women


This season a vaccine will be offered to all children aged 2, 3 and 4. The vaccine being used is Fluenz, which is administered by nasal spray. The nasal spray flu vaccine has been used in the USA for 10 years, it was used in the UK last year and given to children at risk of flu. It is simple to administer, and has a good safety record.


In addition to the flu vaccine this season all 70, 78 & 79 year olds will be eligible for a Shingles vaccine. As older people are more likely to get shingles, the new national shingles immunisation programme for people aged 70, 78 and 79 has been introduced by the Department of Health from September, to help protect those most at risk from shingles.

Please make an appointment for a flu and / or Shingles vaccination now either by contacting the practice or booking on-line via MHOL (Flu clinic on Saturday morning only)

For patients who have not yet signed up to use My Health On Line, please read the MHOL registration information

What is the Individual Health Record (IHR)?

The IHR in Wales is a comprehensive view of patients GP record with some of the major clinical conditions, drug history and allergy information included. This record is currently viewed in Out Of Hours, Accident & Emergency and Medical Assessment units throughout Wales but is "view only" and protected by an audited "consent to view" model. Which means patients must give their consent to the practitioner to allow them to view their medical records.

The only additions to this record come from the GP practice. This information is particularly important during emergency admission so practitioners can see patient's clinical conditions, the drugs they are on and any allergy information which may be crucial to the treatment the patient may need.

Patients can opt out of the IHR if they choose.

Patients may visit, telephone or write to the GP Practice indicating that they do not want an Individual Health Record; however it is advisable to discuss any concerns with a member of the practice team to make an informed decision. In the absence of the IHR, medical staff providing out of hours treatment or advice will only have access to the medical history and medication details that the patient can provide at the time. This may lead to difficulties in determining and providing the optimum treatment.

The following should be taken into consideration when making a decision:

  • Only factual clinical information is shared.
  • Any records of private discussion with the patient during a consultation are not shared.

After consideration if patients still wish to opt out please contact the practice.

Royal College of General Practitioners Award

In December The Royal College of General Practitioners Wales awarded Whitchurch Village Practice 2nd Runner Up for Practice Administration Team of The Year 2009.

This award encompassed the whole of Wales and we are absolutely delighted with this achievement.

The photograph below was taken at the award ceremony at Cardiff City Hall on Friday the 11th of December 2009.

Some of the Whitchurch Village Practice team at the RCGP Gala Dinner
Photograph by Richard Bosworth
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