Whitchurch Village Practice
Dr Catherine Davies, Dr Niamh MacConnell


Tel: 029 2062 9601

Appointments are available from 08.00 - 11.30 and 13.30 - 18.20

Please make sure you book in on arrival so that the receptionist can inform the doctor you are waiting.

Please note that, if you are late arriving (by more than 10 minutes), patients who are on time will go in to see the doctor before you.

Patients failing to keep their appointments and not informing the surgery can cause problems and waste valuable appointment time.

The appointment book is only made up two - three weeks in advance in order to reduce the need to rearrange appointments when doctors are called to meetings at short notice.

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Appointments: 029 2062 9601 | Home Visits/Enquiries: 029 2062 9602