Whitchurch Village Practice
Dr Catherine Davies, Dr Niamh MacConnell

My Health On Line

Whitchurch Village Practice has introduced the facility to book routine appointments over the internet. The internet side of booking appointments on line is handled by My Health On Line (MHOL).

My Health On Line helps patients avoid busy phone lines and to book and cancel appointments out of hours, it is secure and safe for both the practice and patients. Patients accessing this facility will do so via a secure server and at no time can view the actual practice system.

How to register

Patients interested in using this tool must express an interest with Whitchurch Village Practice, the practice will then allocate a pin number and other security details, you will then be asked to provide identification to collect the confidential information allocated to you.

To access the online booking system, please follow the link below:

My Health On Line - MHOL

A registration screen will need to be completed with the information supplied by the practice, the second screen will ask for a personal password, which will be unique to the patient. It is important that the password is remembered and not shared with others.

Booking an appointment

Once registered, patients can select the appointment screen (currently only doctors appointments have been released, nurses appointments will need to be made over the telephone), and book an appointment up to three weeks in advance. Patients are advised to print off the booked appointment times to produce for the receptionists on arrival at the practice.

There is a facility on the appointment screen to enter the reason for the appointment, a brief explanation of the problem would help the doctor, this section can also be used to record telephone numbers should any patient request a telephone consultation e.g, telephone appointment 2012345.

Cancelling an appointment

It is important that any appointments no longer needed are cancelled promptly, this will allow the time to be allocated to other patients. To cancel an appointment, patients must access the web site in the same way and click on .cancel., below the details of the booked appointment. If it is less than an hour to the allocated time, it would be appreciated if patients could call and cancel the appointment by telephone.

Further information

Same day or next day appointments must still be made by contacting the practice.

Whitchurch Village Practice reserves the right to deny access to the on line booking facility should the system be abused.

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