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Other Services

Fitness to Work Certificates

For employees, doctors do not have to issue sick notes for the first week of sickness. For the first seven days of sickness please ask your employer for an SC2 form. If you require a "fit" note for less than seven days for insurance purposes or at the insistence of your employer etc, please ask the doctor for a private "fit" note for which a fee is payable; a receipt can be issued. If you are still sick after seven days ask your doctor for a free NHS "fit note". "Fit" notes required by students will be provided for a documented medical illness. There is a charge for this service, which depends on the complexity of the problem. An urgent request for a "fit note" does not warrant an emergency appointment unless the medical condition dictates.

Private Services

Some services fall outside the NHS and for these a charge may be made. These are Spire/PPP forms, private certificates, and various special examinations for employment, elderly drivers’ insurance, sports and schools etc. Patients will be requested to read and sign a form accepting the charge for this service. A full list of these services including charges is displayed on our noticeboard and kept at reception. Medical examinations if required, e.g. by an insurance company, are charged at standard BMA rates. If you need a special examination please arrange this with the receptionist, as they cannot be done within NHS time. Please take note that a longer appointment will be required. Failure to attend an appointment will incur a fee.

New Patient Medicals

All newly registered patients aged five or over are expected to attend the surgery for a health check within three months of joining our practice. This includes a brief look at your medical history with details of medication and advice about health including weight, diet, exercise and blood pressure. Please bring a urine sample with you when an appointment has been made with the practice nurse

Secretarial Services - Tel: 029 2062 9614

Any enquiries regarding NHS or private referrals, hospital appointments, and letters for collection, please contact the secretaries between 10.00 and 12.00.

Administrative Enquiries - Tel: 029 2062 9629

Enquiries regarding any medical reports including those for insurance companies, social services, solicitors or travel cancellations to be addressed to Mrs Pru Norman.

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